History about Calcutta University Alumni Association

Almost 40 years ago in April 1965 the First Calcutta University Alumni Reunion Dinner (CUARD) was arranged by a graduate student (Subhash Basu) of the University of Michigan in the Flying Dutchman Restaurant of Atlantic City, NJ, during the FASEB meeting. The inspiration evolved from the reunion dinner of the City College of New York where his mentor (Professor Saul Roseman) graduated. The first CUARD had almost 40 ex-students of the Calcutta University who were then either graduate students or postdoctoral fellows in USA. It was possible to hold that reunion because of enthusiasm and encouragement received by Professor Basu from another two CU graduates, i) the late Professor Arun Roy and ii) Professor Sailen Mukherjee from Canada. During the next 25 years (1965-1990) Professor Basu and his students arranged this CUARD at the ASBMB and FASEB meetings and hosted many of the ex-students of the Calcutta University who came to the USA for Biological and Biochemical research. Almost 15 years ago with the leadership of Professor Dipak Haldar (Treasurer), Professor Salil Das (President), and Professor Dipak Banerjee (Secretary), the official CUAA (Calcutta University Alumni Association) was established. The main event of this CUAA is to hold the yearly reunion dinner at the ASBMB or FASEB meetings. This is a platform where the newly arrived students (graduate students, postdoctorals, and faculty members) from the Calcutta University meet with many of the established scientists of Calcutta University-origin in USA or around the World. In addition to this yearly social event CUAA is also actively involved in supporting various scientific activities at the Calcutta University.